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Episode 79 - Reunion / Redefinition (feat. Sarah Kosheff)


Welcome back, Dead People! [Insert excuses for another delay between episodes here] Friend and fellow genre nerd Sarah Kosheff joins me for the first time on the ‘cast, and she brought a couple of her very favorite Angel episodes with her. 210, “Reunion” shows us the aftermath of last episode’s shocking cliffhanger; the darkness that has been threatening to settle over our hero all season finally takes root; Angel makes a truly horrifying choice; and I do my very best to mire us in the ephemera of Whedonverse Vampire Cosmology. Again. Then, in 211, “Redefinition,” a line of demarcation is drawn in the status quo of the series, beginning and ending in fire; Angel smokes a cigarette; we say goodbye to Drusilla; and I question if the voice-over was really necessary.


And by the way, I agree with Cordy: Tequila is the REAL evil.


NEXT: 212, “Blood Money, 213, “Happy Anniversary,” and 214, “The Thin Dead Line.”




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“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“We Are the Champions” by Queen, News of the World (1977)

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