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Episode 77 - Untouched / Dear Boy / Guise Will Be Guise (feat. Michael Holland)


Conversations with Dead People is back, and with hardly any time at all between episodes! Seriously, for all you could tell I recorded this episode the same night as our last one. Seamless!


Hollywood hotshot Michael Holland is here and we share a few words about the Apple TV+ series The Afterparty, which debuted recently and for which Michael served as Post-Production Supervisor, before continuing our journey through Angel Season 2. “Untouched” introduces us to writer Mere Smith, who will go on to pen some of the finest episodes of the series, and here considers sexual agency and trauma from the angle of two different Wolfram & Hart “special projects.” Then, in “Dear Boy,” the Boreanaz and Benz chemistry boils through the subterranean convent roof. And lastly, “Guise Will Be Guise” as Angel goes to therapy and Wesley bluffs his way into Virginia.


NEXT: our very own voice of the Watcher Council, the exceedingly British Wesley “Wezzo” Mead joins me to talk about episodes 207, “Darla,” 208, “The Shroud of Rahmon,” and 209, “The Trial.”




00:00:55  -  Intro / Guest

00:21:41  -  Main Topic

01:33:22  -  Outro / Next




“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung, Mosaic (1986)

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