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Episode 62 - Dirty Girls / Empty Places (feat. Dale Guffey)


“I got dangerous for a while.”


DALE! You guys, it’s Dale! Dale Guffey, author of Faith and Choice in the Works of Joss Whedon (among other things) is finally here! And she makes an enthusiastic addition to the graveyard chorus. She brings her wit, charm, and scary brain to the discussion of, well, Faith coming back to Sunnydale, and the various choices of Caleb the Minister of Murder. Episodes 718, “Dirty Girls” and 719, “Empty Places” bring some genuine horror, real world horrors that were uncomfortable to watch in 2003 but are even more gut wrenching in today’s climate. We certainly get some humor and heart, such as Spike continuing to insist he’s nothing like Angel, and Clem sweetly suggesting maybe Buffy should get out of town. But it’s the misogyny and eye-gouging that really stands out.


NEXT: Late-comer but already a fan favorite, Dale sticks around to discuss two more episodes with me, 720 “Touched” and the penultimate episode of the entire series, 721 “End of Days.”




00:00:55  -  Intro / Guest

00:07:52  -  Main Topic

01:46:25  -  Outro / Next




Faith and Choice in the Works of Joss Whedon, by K. Dale Koontz

Reading Joss Whedon, edited by Rhonda V. Wilcox, Tanya R. Cochran, Cynthea Masson, and David Lavery

A Dream Given Form: The Unofficial Guide to the Universe of Babylon 5, by Ensley F. Guffey and K. Dale Koontz

Wanna Cook?: The Complete, Unofficial Companion to Breaking Bad, by Ensley F. Guffey and K. Dale Koontz




“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Preacherman” by Melody Gardot, Currency of Man (2015)

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