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Episode 57 - Conversations with Dead People (feat. Eric Sipple)


“Do the words ‘superiority complex’ mean anything to you?”


This week I’m joined by Broken Magic author and my very frequent collaborator Eric Sipple, here to discuss arguably the most important episode of the series (being the namesake of this clearly revolutionary podcast) episode 707, “Conversations with Dead People.” We break down the four (five?) titular conversations; wax rhapsodic about Jonathan Woodward; condemn the pointless death of Jonathan Levinson; lament the horribly wasted potential of the First Evil; and ask whether the episode is better in isolation or if the shocks and twists of this episode actually pay off in a satisfying way through the rest of the season.


Is it just a coincidence that this podcast takes its name from the only episode in the entire run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with absolutely ZERO Xander Harris? You be the judge. 


Next: Tami Anderson, fan and amateur Buffyologist, joins me to discuss episode 708, “Sleeper” and 709, “Never Leave Me.”



Run Time: 01:21:44

00:00:55  -  Intro / Guest

00:05:50  -  Main Topic

01:18:30  -  Outro / Next



Broken Magic, by Eric Sipple

The Deli Counter of Justice, by Paul Smith, Eric Sipple, Arlo Wiley



“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Blue” by Angie Hart, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Radio Sunnydale - Music from the TV Series (2003)

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