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Episode 53 - Seeing Red / Villains (feat. Elizabeth Rambo)


“What have I done? Why didn’t I do it?”


Fan-favorite Elizabeth Rambo sticks with me for another light-hearted discussion about Season Six. This time around we get misogyny and magic balls and whether the [CW: sexual assault] scene was really a necessary part of Spike’s journey or if it was a metaphor too far in episode 619, “Seeing Red,” also known as “The One That Broke the Fandom.” And leaving all that darkness behind us, we talk about 620, “Villains,” and Joss Whedon’s pathological inability to portray lasting happiness in his shows. Also, was Amber Benson finally making it to the opening titles for the first (and last!) a cruel mind@$#&, or a sweet farewell to the actress?


(Elizabeth is, as always, a treat! But I personally am really uncomfortable talking about at least one of these episodes, so it’s awkward and you’ll probably hate me. But hey, podcasting is dangerous, I’ve always said so.)


Next: it’s all been leading to this, kids! The payoff for all the pain and suffering the Scoobies (and us fans) have endured for the past season. A guest (or guests?) will join me to discuss episodes 621, “Two to Go” and 622, “Grave.” Get your party hats at the door.




Run Time: 02:03:25

00:00:55  -  Intro / Guest

00:03:49  -  Main Topic

01:59:33  -  Outro / Next




Buffy Goes Dark: Essays on the Final Two Seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Television, edited by Lynne Y. Edwards, Elizabeth Rambo, and James B. South

Television Finales: From Howdy Doody to Girls, edited by Douglas L. Howard and David Bianculli

Dusted: The Unauthorized Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, by Lawrence Mile, Lars Pearson, and Christa Dickson




Spike Is Forgiven: The Sympathetic Vampire’s Resonance with Rape Culture (pdf) by Wendy Fall, Slayage: The Journal of Whedon Studies, 16.2 [48], Summer/Fall 2018

Girl on Girl Politics: Willow / Tara and New Approaches to Media Fandom by Judith L. Tabron, Slayage: The Journal of Whedon Studies, 4.1-2 [13-14], Fall 2004




“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Displaced” by Azure Ray, Azure Ray (2001)




Whedon Studies Association is a non-profit academic organization devoted to the study of the works of Joss Whedon and his associates. They put out Slayage: The Journal of Whedon Studies, and Watcher Junior​: The Undergraduate Journal of Whedon Studies, both blind peer-reviewed twice-yearly online publications. They also host the biennial Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses, which brings all these incredible scholars together to present papers, discuss ways of incorporating Whedon Studies in education, and basically just geek out together.

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