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Episode 51 - Older and Far Away / As You Were / Hell’s Bells (feat. Jessica Hautsch)


Look, my ability to establish and maintain a reliable podcasting schedule has degraded, to say the least, as this process has gone on. I know it. YOU know it. I’m sorry. But this past year of March and April has seriously thrown me off my groove, and not in the fun Disney way with llama faces and maniacal kitten laughter. It’s difficult I think for any of us to bring the fun in at the moment. But I will persevere! WE will persevere! We will get through this thing called Season Six if it’s the last thing we do. (Which it won’t be, because the threat of Season Seven looms menacingly in our future.)


Anyways, Jessica Hautsch is back with me again to share in the joy of James Marsters’ eyebrow acting in 614, “Older and Far Away.” She is also positively GIDDY that 615, “As You Were” is the very last time she’ll ever have to deal with Riley Finn. And how weird is it that Xander’s family cheers for him straight-up murdering a “circus folk” at his almost-but-not-quite wedding?


Next (Week? Month? Year?): Elizabeth Rambo returns to take on the uber-divisive episode 617, “Normal Again” and the 0h-yeah-that-was-an-episode 618, “Entropy.”



Run Time: 01:53:25

00:00:55  - Intro / Guest

00:09:37  - Main Topic

01:50:00  - Outro / Next



Library Closed For Filing - Please Come Back Tomorrow



“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Hells Bells” by AC/DC, Back in Black (1980)



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