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Episode 42 - Forever / Intervention / Tough Love (feat. Melanie Scala)


Stage and screen legend Joel Grey joins the series, and so from this point on Conversations with Dead People is a Joel Grey fan podcast. Sorry Buffy fans.


Okay, seriously, we’re into the darkness of the near-end of Season 5 now, which of course is also a LOT of foreshadowing of the darkness awaiting us in Season 6. To help me get through the pain of these episodes Melane Scala is back, bringing with her a refreshing appreciation for the character of Dawn. In 517, “Forever,” the Summers girls, with Spike’s help, just barely manage to stay out of full-blown zombie mom territory. Episode 518, “Intervention” gives us a Buffy and Giles wearing turtleneck sweaters and jackets in the desert, Spike’s post-coital hair, and a Scooby Gang that inexplicably can’t recognize a Buffybot just weeks after instantly spotting the Aprilbot. And 519, “Tough Love” struggles with writing/pacing issues, but still gives us our first glimpse of Dark Willow. And my questions about the way the show treats issues of mental health, raised way back at the beginning of the season, are brought back for further consideration.


Next: things get seriously dire in the next couple of episodes, so what better time to welcome a shiny new guest to the podcast? Margaret Ann Robbins joins me for her debut Conversation as we discuss episodes 520, “Spiral,” and 521, “The Weight of the World.”



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“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Tales of Brave Ulysses” by Cream, Disraeli Tears (1967)



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