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Episode 38 - Into the Woods / Triangle (feat. Jessica Hautsch)


Jessica Hautsch is back and prepared to face off with me about the Buffy / Riley breakup. In 510, “Into the Woods,” I finally come to the presumed end of my Quixotic mission to defend Riley Finn...because the writers FINALLY dump him unceremoniously. Did Captain Cornfed get a fair shake, from the writers or the audience? Was Xander unfair to Buffy? Was Buffy’s slaying of the Junkie Vampire Girl problematic? There might not be any easy answers. In 511, “Triangle” however, there ARE some easy answers. Is Anya’s talk with Xander about wanting a ticking bomb clock for any future breakup heartbreaking? Yes it is. Is Buffy’s sobbing a little too cartoonish? Affirmative. Is Spike’s continued fetish for greasy bar food adorable? Abso-bloomin-lutely.


Next: I and a mystery guest TBD will be discussing episodes 512, “Checkpoint” and 513, “Blood Ties.”



Run Time: 01:41:35

00:00:55 - Intro / Guest

00:04:55 - Main Topic

01:35:22 - Outro / Next



Fan Phenomena: Harry Potter, edited by Valerie Frankel



“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Don’t Turn Around” by Bonnie Tyler, Hide Your Heart (1988)



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