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Episode 19 - Helpless / The Zeppo (feat. Jennifer Walsh)


We’re back and we’re brief! Yes cats and kittens, this week we manage to keep the show down to under 14 hours. You’re welcome. Joining me this time around is writer, producer, Buffy scholar, and, most importantly, Twitter manager for Star Talk Radio, Jennifer Walsh. In episode 312, “Helpless” we talk about Buffy’s daddy issues, how well the premise of Giles’ betrayal has aged since its original airdate, and what kind of weirdo vamp ‘roids Kralik must be on to do the things he does. And in 313, “The Zeppo” I finally ease up just a little bit on poor ol’ Xander Harris as we discuss what may arguably be his high-water mark in the series, and recognize that it isn’t always about him doing or saying problematic things, sometimes problematic things are done or said to him.


Next: academics are so hard to pin down! Presumably I WILL have a guest with me, but I can neither confirm nor deny that at this time. Whatever the case may be SOMEBODY is going to be talking about episodes 314, “Bad Girls” and 315, “Consequences.”



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“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon, Surprise (2006)



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