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Episode 30 - This Year’s Girl / Who Are You (feat. Arlo Wiley)


There’s clearly been some body swapping shenanigans going on, because somehow infamous prodigal Conversational-ist Arlo Wiley makes his first appearance in the Dead People mausoleum. (I mean at least there wasn’t any hyena possession going on.) We talk around the awkward, metaphorically demonic history between us regarding the origins of this podcast before at last renewing our Faith in each other to discuss this week’s impressive double bill of episodes. In 415, “This Year’s Girl” we see the very welcome return of some long lost fan favorite characters as Faith wakes up from her coma, learns of the fate of her father figure Mayor Wilkins, and shares some tender moments with Joyce. And the extraordinary 416, “Who Are You” gives us two of THE -- BEST -- PERFORMANCES of the entire series, with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eliza Dushku swapping roles to absolutely unbelievable effect.


For serious, guys...these are two of my personal favorites.


Next: superstar Kenn Edwards returns to discuss 417, “Superstar.” And I guess we’ll talk about 418, “Where the Wild Things Are” too, but really it’s “Superstar.”



Angel 118, “Five by Five”



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“Joss Whedon’s Yardstick: Feminism, Humanism, and Xander” by Arlo Wiley, Gobbledygeek (Arlo wants to be sure you know this is old and his opinions on this topic have evolved.)



“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Trading Places” by Usher, Here I Stand (2018)



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