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Episode 72 - She / I’ve Got You Under My Skin / The Prodigal (feat. Stacey Abbott)

June 4th, 2021

“Cagey little brutes, aren’t they?”


The Mother of Angel Studies, author and vampire queen Stacey Abbott is back! This week we discuss the somewhat strained metaphor and textual subtext of episode 113, “She,” which for years I’ve remembered as unutterably terrible, but on this rewatch I find myself being a bit kinder to. If nothing else, the episode gives us some of the greatest comedic moments from all of this first season, possibly the series. Alexis Denisof deserves a pratfall Oscar!


Also on tap, 114, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” makes good use of a classic Hollywood horror trope, as well as providing the first tantalizing hint at darker depths to Wesley. And 115, “The Prodigal,” where the Whedonverse continues its focused, brutal assault on the notions of fatherhood.


NEXT: Post-Production Supervisor and Hollywood man-about-town Michael Holland is back to help me look over episodes 116, “The Ring” and 117, “Eternity.”




00:00:55  -  Intro / Guest

00:02:40  -  Main Topic

01:11:17  -  Outro / Next




Celluloid Vampires: Life After Death in the Modern World, by Stacey Abbott

Reading Angel: The TV Spin-off With a Soul, edited by Stacey Abbott

Angel (TV Milestones Series) by Stacey Abbott

Near Dark (BFI Film Classics), by Stacey Abbott

Global TV Horror, edited by Stacey Abbott and Lorna Jowett




Monstrum: A Peer-Reviewed Journal of Studies in Horror




“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin” by Frank Sinatra, Songs for Swingin’ Lovers! (1956)


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