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Episode 69 - Sense & Sensitivity / Bachelor Party (feat. Michael Holland)

March 1st, 2021

Hollywood bigshot and industry insider Michael Holland welcomes us to HIS turf as we continue our transition from the cemeteries of Sunnydale to the morgues of LA. The conversation this time covers two episodes often dismissed as early-series filler, but which we argue actually have important things to say about the characters and the developing themes of the show. In 106, “Sense & Sensitivity,” we get some needed background on Det. Kate Lockley, including a genuinely marvelous emotional performance by Elisabeth Röhm, and insight into the interpersonal dynamics between our heroes. (Bonus: Angel as Magnum P.I.!) And in 107, “Bachelor Party,” Allen Francis Doyle gets a powerfully humanizing (or rather half-humanizing) storyline that makes the most of what will turn out to be the very limited time we get with the character, fleshing him out more in one episode than many shows give their cast in a full season.


NEXT: philosopher Frenchman Matthieu Cravatte joins me to probably get really sad as we discuss episodes 108, “I Will Remember You” and 109, “Hero.” Bring your own tissues.




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“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Too Sensitive” by Op Ed, Satellite (2018)


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