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Episode 28 - Doomed / A New Man (feat. Johny Ho)

February 22nd, 2019

We’re back! For justice, and the safety of puppies! Brazilian fan community organizer extraordinaire Johny Ho joins me to talk about the maybe possibly sloggy mid-point of Season Four. In 411, “Doomed,” the kids LITERALLY go back to high school in what Paul rather grumpily refers to as a clumsy attempt to demonstrate maturation. While in 412, “A New Man,” the annual Buffy Birthday Crisis eschews the usual zombies and problematic issues of power and consent in favor of...a mid-life crisis.


Also we lament all those stories and spinoffs that could have been: the more sophisticated Giles vs. Walsh arc we never got; Ripper the Series; and the Giles/Spike half hour buddy comedy series that just simply HAS to exist in the multiverse somewhere.


Next: Someone, possibly Michael Holland, joins me to discuss 413, “The I in Team” and 414, “Goodbye Iowa.”



Run Time: 01:17:00

00:00:55 - Intro / Apologies / Guest

00:03:48 - Main Topic

01:13:40 - Outro / Next



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“Conversations (feat. Wesley Mead)” by Azura (2017)

“Back to School” by Ace Frehley, Trouble Walkin’ (1989)



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